Some apps I’ve been trying…

To keep me on track with my goals, I’ve been trying some apps, videos, websites, meal plans, etc. It’s still a learning process. But here is what I have enjoyed so far. 


This app is great for allowing you to track meals as well as exercise, weight, water, etc. 

It even allows you to scan barcodes for food items and add recipes from online, or manually, so it’s pretty convienient. I’m not using the premium method yet, but I’m thinking of giving it a go. I believe premium offers meal plans, workout regimines and a more refined calorie count. 

Google Calendar

Before google calendar, I was pretty lazy with my orginazation skills. I would jot things down on a stray piece of paper or maybe on notes in my phone. 

But now everything is all in one place. I get alerts and can even set specific reminders, goals or events throughout the week.

This has kept me much more motivated and focussed. 

I need apps that are convienient, easy to navigate and actually keep me organized and so far these two have been the best.

This is just a quick update. Much more to come soon!



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